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  • Meet the DoctorDr. Matt is the creator of The ONE Program. He has been repeatedly featured on News 12’s Long Island Naturally and is a New York Board Certified Chiropractor with 12 years experience in clinical nutrition. Dr. Matt has over four years in post graduate education in functional medicine.

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  • Dr. Matt Events CalendarSee what events are coming up from learning how to read labels and immediately decide what foods to choose to lose weight, improve thyroid health and control blood sugar swings. 

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  • hypothyroid-symptoms-in-womenIf you are suffering  with symptoms of low thyroid function or hypothyroid, you are certainly not alone. In this twenty minute NEWS 12 Feature Dr. Matt Lewis explains why so many people remain "stuck" when it comes to thyroid symptoms and how to start feeling better now. 

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Welcome to the office of Dr Matt Lewis and One Weight Loss & Nutrition



One Weight Loss & Nutrition, located in Plainview, NY is dedicated to learning all about your goals for achieving optimal health. Our practice focuses on a patient-centered approach, where we uncover the causes of your health concerns, so we can treat those causes and not just your symptoms. Our approach is consistent with functional medicine and is the core of our programs, developed by Dr. Matt Lewis.

Although many of our patients come to us initially to achieve permanent weight loss, most are pleased to relieve so many symptoms they got accustomed to living with: bloating, blood sugar imbalances, poor sleep, mental fog, joint pain and fatigue. Many of our patients have been living with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, GERD, inflammation or autoimmune disorders and come to us after they have explored all options with their medical doctors.

Many factors, such as food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, unknown infections or toxic exposure can affect how your immune system is functioning. When not addressed, these factors can lead to disease.

How does this work?

At our office, our team will work with you by really listening to you. We want to understand your health history, lifestyle, genetic pre-dispositions, and environmental exposures that could be affecting your health. We will review with you a thorough metabolic questionnaire, send you for lab tests, and perform a physical examination. Once the assessment is complete, you will have a good understanding of your underlying health problems and how through our personalized program, you can improve your health, and ultimately your life.

Let us help you to start living your best life. You only get the “ONE”.